WAR... Join the Resistance

Join the resistance, war is coming.

If you’ve not already seen the game cinematic for WAR check it out below:

The team needed to create and design many elements that were necessary to produce the cinematic. Foremost was the futuristic soldier, an alien and a futuristic assault rifle. To the right you can see a revolve of the final soldier model with and without textures, as well as his assault rifle. and the alien character and plasma weapon.



This is designed to be a high end game cinematic to tease the audience with its feature film aesthetic. We thought we would take you behind the scenes to see the development of one of the shots from the teaser and give you an idea of the level of detail we went into to produce the cinematic.

Slide to compare the before and after from animation to final render:

Lunar Animation's WAR. RAW Modo 801 Render - Before Lunar Animation's WAR. Final image comped in Nuke - After