Typewriter Experiment

Here at Lunar we wanted to test photorealistic rendering for an upcoming project, so as an in house test we decided to film in CGI a 3D model of a typewriter to be rendered realistically. We were able to use this opportunity to fine tune how we simulate the way that a lens films an object in real life and apply this to our work. Check out our final result below:

The typewriter model was created by Video Co-Pilot and can be downloaded by visiting their website HERE.


The typewriter is a great free model that comes with 4K Texture maps to really allow you to test realistic rendering possibilities. 

Slide the image left and right below to see how we transformed the model to look like an object from the real world.

Lunar Typewritter Maya viewport Lunar Typewritter final frame

Because recent versions of Maya supported the ability to display a cameras focus in a playblast we were able to plan and see the result of the rack focus at an early state and build this into how we planned the shots. Below is the playlist version of the piece to see this in action: