Route 66 Immersive Experience

Currently in production at Lunar Animation is a ride film taking you on a journey across the deserts of america in a Shelby Mustang. The opening shots for the ride can be seen below in the short sequence. To give you a glimpse of some of the assets we kept in production for the piece, we’re going to show you the breakdowns of what went into achieving the final look.

Check out the intro to the film below:

The key aspect to getting the piece to look as realistic as possible was the car model. Below you can see a revolve of the car giving you the chance to see all phases of it’s production:

It was extremely important for us to animate the car as realistically as possible, this meant ensuring that animators had a good enough car rig which would allow us to achieve the results we needed. Below is a demo of our custom car rig:

Mustang Car rig Maya - by Lunar Animation

Another aspect to push the level of realism is the environment. We worked hard to make bushes, debris, rocks, mountain rages to really sell the idea that the piece was filmed. Below are elements from the environment and you can see some of the assets that went into producing it.


In developing the environment we created a tool for easily making the telegraph poles wires. We have created this script for Maya, which is available to download and use in your own animations.

Download lunar's hanging wire tool.

You can download the wire generator here at - Hanging Wire Tool