Lunar Partners with Immotion to create VR

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Immotion Group based in Manchester, Dubai and LA to develop the next generation of VR experiences for their exclusive VR motion platform. The first VR experience to be licensed by Immotion will be an exciting space film, set to be released in July 2018. 


As VR is an exciting new technology, we’ve always been interested in getting involved in creating VR content, however we’d been hesitant due to the number of headsets on the market for so many different platforms and issues surrounding motion sickness; linked to a user seeing and thinking they’re moving, but their body’s telling them they’re not.

However as soon as we came across Immotion’s new platform, allowing VR users to be immersed in a digital world, while at the same time physically moving them using custom motion seats, we decided to see what we can do with our specialist team.

The first experience we will be creating to be exclusively licensed by Immotion, will be set in deep space, and will feel like you’re sat in a cockpit of a spacecraft as it travels to planets, through asteroids and space battles, following a specifically designed narrative. The user will sit in a futuristic looking; egg shaped pod, which supports up to two people at a time. 

Our partnership with Immotion is going to push VR experiences forward and the movement will really help to convince people that they’re actually experiencing what they see and overall be more immersive. We’ve also been able to design the content in such a way to avoid the hardware limitations of most VR experiences, allowing the world to appear much more convincing and real than other VR experiences on the market.

The experience will be distributed globally, exclusively through Immotion group from July 2018. More information about the pods can be found at,