Adventure with MAX... Behind the Scenes

Now if you're thinking to yourself what on Earth is Max Adventures.... Well you may recognise the curious feline from the many ice creams around the world. Turns out he evens has his own TV series. Our challenge as a studio was to take this character and his friends and bring him into an all new immersive 4D experience.

The creation of the Max Adventures 4D Attraction was one of the more testing for the team at Lunar Animation. Our goal was to create a compelling story that includes all of the characters from the TV series and squeeze it into a 10 minute film. We had to work closely with Unilever and ensure the film would fit nicely into the brands current series storyline.  

With the film being designed for 4D theatres it was required to be delivered in stereoscopic 3D and we wanted to push the limits of what could be done compared to the conventional stereo that is seen in feature films. It was also important for us to find intuitive ways to use the effect to help tell the story and give the audiences a fantastic immersive experience.

Here is the trailer for Max Adventures:

One of the other challenging factors the studio faced on this production was the strict time constraints. The film had to be completed within 5 months and to ensure that the quality of the film could be as high as possible, one of the key aspects that helped us was strong pre-production.

It was important to test everything before production started, Building a highly polished animatic that would resemble the final film as closely as possible for the client to approve before the process of finishing the film and ensuring we spent enough time during character development to establish how the characters would move. Below is the character development tests we did to ensure the rigs and facial shapes were working as well as some of the technical hurdles like hair.

One of the aspects we wanted to bring to this project was to take what already existed with the Max Adventures brand visually and using the existing character models, animate and render them in a more visually stunning way to ensure that the brands transition into the attraction world would be spectacular. 

To show a breakdown of some of the shots from Max Adventures we've put together a clip from the film so you can see the process from animatic to finished render.

Our experience on this film was both challenging and exciting and we feel like we've been able to take the brand to a new level for audiences to experience Max Adventures in a new truly immersive way. If you have any anaglyph glasses check out the stereoscopic examples from the film below: